Friday, August 30, 2013

Sewing Week in Rio Frio

Rebecca, Julie, Me, Julie, Karen and Stephanie

Commit to The Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

Introducing our projects
It’s hard for me to think about what happened in the month because I can pretty much only remember what happened last week. Before that it was all a blur! Last week we had 5 woman from Ontario come to teach 60 women in Rio Frio sewing projects. It was a huge success! It was about 6 months of planning coming to fruition. For those of you that don’t know, Rio Frio is a little community about 45 minutes away from San Vicente. We have been working in that community a little over a year now building houses. We love this community because of the unity there which is lead by a pastor and a catholic representative, Pastor Pastor and Cesar. 

The women brought all the materials to make each project plus materials to put together 60 gift baskets of sewing supplies. Knit/jersey fabric and interfacing was cut for all. Contents included a notebook for records, pen, Bible, scissors, sewing kit with all the notions (thread, pins, needles, measuring tape, zippers, pin cushion, etc.), 3 fat quarters and a make-up item.
I adapted the bible study “Women of Worth” to an intensive 5 day study to do with the women. Julie Tiessen says it best in the ladies blog when she says, “But it's actually the most important as it's about the MAIN reason we are here ... not just for the sewing, but to build into these women's lives through our daily devotionals with them. These times have been SO blessed, and they tend to go way past their allotment, which is awesome! Women's lives are being touched for eternity ... we are seeing it through tears and laughter, which transcend cultural and linguistic barriers as womens' hearts have a way of speaking to one another. They are fully entering into this experience soaking it up like sponges. What a privilege to bring God's words to these eager ladies!” You can read their thoughts on the week at

Eating yummy lunch
We were also able to cook lunch for about 100 people, thanks to the funds raised by the Ontario team. Juanita did an amazing job cooking and we fed everyone that week and even came under budget! Why 100? We had 60 women, 5 canadians, 6 translators, 4 helpers and 30 kids! Rebecca was amazing and took all the kids in stride providing crafts, a bible lesson each day and all around great care.

I think for me, the week rekindled that fire I have in my heart for missions. It helped me remember why I am here and why I love it. At the end of the week, one of the ladies said to me that she was so thankful that we came because if we didn’t, they never would have learned the things they were taught. I replied “that is not necessarily true, God may have found another way to bring it to you.” To which she said, with tears in her eyes, “No, no one ever comes here to Rio Frio, no one, ever!” I will never forget this. What it must feel like to feel forgotten. We are currently building a sewing centre there that will house 9 machines and a working space for the women in this community to better their lives. I publicly made a promise to return there at least once a month to teach a class. I want these women to know that they are not forgotten. They are women of worth and they are important to me.
Guadelupe with her finished wallet and sponsor card 
I am also hoping that down the road I will pick up things that they have made and have the opportunity to sell them to teams. We will also be getting the website up and running to able us to sell on the web.

We do have some prayer requests.

We are trying to raise money for the website development, and we need your HELP, both financially and prayerfully, that it will be something that will advance our work here. Please click on the donate button on the side of this blog to donate.

We are still trying to keep the people in the sewing centre employed and are running out of work. If you, or anyone you know are interested in having a one of a kind quilt made or t-shirts or personalized tote bags made for your work, family etc. Please let us know by emailing us

Next week Jim comes and we will be having series of meetings with the in country leaders, building team, translators, cook, driver etc. and doing a sort of leadership training. Pray that it will come together . 

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